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Hello! I'm open for requests on GiannaRoseH. If you want to request, go on that profile and there's a widget above the Shoutbox that will tell you some info before requesting.
Okay so, with the help of MattFat, I've decided that I will post everything that's finished on GiannaRoseH and other incomplete things on my art tumblr, giannas-art. I'll probably be deleting this account after I settle in and transfer my groups over.

So yeah, if you still want to watch me, go watch GiannaRoseH :iconsmilieplz:
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It's been quite a long time.

I moved my accounts to try to get a more professional, clean look on deviantart. I've been posting occasionally on GiannaRoseH , but alas, it has not been satisfactory. :iconsighingplz: There's definitely more to this site than just posting art. I've been getting some dA feels (please excuse me, I hate this word, but it just fits) for the past few months and I really miss it. Well, more like you guys. Anyone left that remembers me? :iconcuriosityplz: lol

Here's a tip if you're being too critical of your art, by the way: Let yourself go, and keep going.

After this weird stage of being too picky about my art, I realize that I will never improve if I stop partway in my drawing because I don't like how it's turning out and I think that nobody will like it. Drawing, painting, any type of art - it's like trying your new cake recipe. If you expect your cake to be delicious in the mixed flour and eggs stage, you're going to discourage yourself. Sure, the finished cake might turn out like a lukewarm, iced sponge. But how will you know if you haven't even gotten past that first step? You may have already set up with ingredients for the world's best cake, you just have to keep going. Keep making those cakes, good or bad! The next cake you make will have more cake-making experience. And don't feel bad if you more experienced cake seems like a less experienced cake! It happens to everyone and it's not exclusive to art. Even if you don't like the cake you made, that doesn't mean others will share your views. Think of that one food that you hate that everybody loves :)

Okay, moving on.

I hope to post more stuff on here, but probably not my more finished stuff. That will be posted on GiannaRoseH

This whole thing is still a WIP, so nothing is set in stone.

Have a nice day or night! :iconsmilieplz:
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